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November 11th, 2015 8:34 PM by Don Forrester

I wanted to send a big thanks to Don Forrester.
I was going through a VA loan, and let me tell you that a VA loan is very strict and monotonous. I had been lumbering through the red tape for a few weeks, and needed some help with some last minute requirements which a building contractor could facilitate. As I was looking through the countless amounts of contractors on the internet, I saw Don in his driveway, and went over to ask if he had any recommendations for building contractors. I remembered that he was a broker with Hosking Associates, Inc, so I figured he may have some good contacts.
Don, without hesitation gave me some references and offered to call them in my behalf. I needed one to verify some issues with my crawl space for my VA Loan underwriter. Not only did Don offer his contact, he also offered to assist with getting my VA loan expedited, by getting on a call with my loan officer. On the call, we verified in detail, what specific conditions were needed to be met to fund my loan. After receiving all the detailed conditions, we were finally able to meet all the conditions within 2 days and my loan funded. All I could say is thank you for going out of your way to help me.
Don and I have always been neighborly, waving hello at a distance, but he showed his friendly nature and compassion to help by giving me some professional guidance and knowledge that helped get my VA Loan funded and closed.
Don Forrester is knowledgeable and looked out for my best interest, and if you're ever looking to find a real estate broker that is passionate, hardworking, and looks to your best interest, Don would be an excellent person that I would highly recommend.

Thanks again Don.



Posted by Don Forrester on November 11th, 2015 8:34 PM


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